Saturday, 19 February 2011

Will be Formed...will not be Formed (The Cabinet)

Those who stole the Majority, by the Votes of those were worried about the serious situation in Lebanon, were claiming for a while that, the New Government will be formed within couple of weeks at most, and 8 March Groups celebrating the success of removing Harriri off as PM, and will take the Country to wherever they want for the interests of Syrian and Iranian Regimes, and further to cut off any connections to STL, and stop financing the Lebanese share of its budget.

Few weeks off, and No New Cabinet at sight. Those 8 March blaming 14 March for the delay, though 14 March does not want to join for very clear reasons, in connection to Mr Mikati, who is not giving any reply for their questions they raised to him, few weeks ago, Mr Mikati blaming the Generale Aoun for putting obstacles in the way, for his impossible demands, the Generale Aoun blaming the President of the Obstacles by taking Aoun's share in the Cabinet.

Hezbollah, is keeping quiet, as well as Junblatt. Ayatollah Nusrallah, said couple of days ago, that, if it comes to Hezbollah government as they accuse him, he would form one in two days, while he asked Mr Mikati politely, to hasting the pace and form a Cabinet. That is not true, because, it is true that Mr Mikati was named by Ayatollah himself, and every one knows, that the Cabinet is 100% on Hezbollah's side, otherwise Mikati will not have the ability to form one. So why Ayatollah does not take the Initiative and form Hezbollah's Cabinet in two hours instead. But Ayatollah would not do that, for he knows, that it make lot of enemies, which he cannot handle, and Syrian Regime would not give him the pleasure to have the upper hand in Lebanon.

Hezbollah says, they have nothing to do with STL, or it's Indictments, because this matter is in the past, and Ayatollah is not approaching the forming of the New Cabinet. Ayatollah is threatening to occupy the Galilee Hills, if Israel starts a war, and he is trying to distract the attention of the Lebanese Citizens and keep the World busy of something is not the Issue, it is a cover up, of how Ayatollah would face the Indictment when it comes to light within couple of weeks, and probably Junblatt has the same views.

Assad and Generale Aoun

 Karami and Ayatollah Nosrullah

The Indictment
Certainly, Cabinet will not be formed before the STL Indictment released, because the reaction on that event,
would be lot easier than, when there is a Hezbollah's Government, which will bring it down as Mr Krami's Government came down in 2005.

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