Monday, 21 February 2011

Democracy will PREVAIL Arab World

 Demonstrations in Tripoli, Libya
 Saif El Islam.
Mubarak and Qaddafi
The same Destination
It is very clear now, that the Freedom Blazes going to put into flames who, stepped on Arab Nations necks by their dictator's Military Boots for decades, spreading Tyranny and Corruption in these Nations, until it is not tolerable any more.

The series of revolts into these Nations, were a common factors, for almost six decades, Those regimes put the Title of  fighting the Enemy ( Israel), as a scare crow on the Arab Nation's Heads, to keep them untouched, and survive any kind of questioning them, what have they done to their people during this over half century of time.

All what they have done actually, was keeping their people in a state of Poverty, Uneducated, Unhealthy, and governed by a policy regime, so that, people cannot say a word of criticism or show, the regime's corruptions in the Authority.

The Regime in Libya, did not learn from the falling of Tunisia and Egyptian systems, they are facing the protesters with guns and killing the peaceful Demonstrators. The falling of this regime will be lot harder than the previous ones because of its criminal actions.

Those regimes still standing, think they are out of touch of the revolts, because certainly will react vigorously against the protesters, if it happened in their countries. But they should learn from Qaddafi reactions, and avoid it. They will fall anyway sooner or later.

Syrian pleasant DABKE

Qaddafi Pale supporters

Demontrators facing guns in Libya

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