Saturday, 5 February 2011

The Dictators

The revolt against the regimes in many Arab Worlds, is in the Heart of Democracy, that exactly what happened in Tunisia, Algeria, Yaman, Jordan, Sudan and Egypt. Those involved in these revolts, are all the factions of the People of each country, because all these regimes have a common target, which is to suppress their own people, and every Ruler had been there holding the country for at least three decades and some of them four decades.

The most weird appearance is Khaminie, who came up giving advise to the people of Egypt, not to accept other than Islamic regime. The funny thing is that, this genius, crushed the revolt in Iran couple of years ago, because they demand freedom and democracy, and hundreds of demonstrators killed or imprisoned and hanged.
Is the Khaminie applying what Islam taught us, to kill any one does not obey what dictators say and do. These dictators symbols is Islam but their behaviours toward their own people is devil's acts.
It would be to this big mouth to look after his own country's interests, and leave us the Arabs alone, we know what are our interest and type of regimes we want, it looks like a whore talking about HONOUR.

Islam is a Social School, which is Free Human Being, not the rule of Beasts to prey on the Human Beings.

To view what such regimes, use to crush the revolt of people against Tyranny and Cruelty, please play the clip below:

Gangsters of Mubarak crushing the Revolt in Cairo

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