Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Higher they fly the Harder they Fall

The Tornado that, sweeping our Arab World, had its first BLOW, in 2005, when the Millions of Lebanese people gathered in Liberty Square in Beirut.
The Tornado that, getting stronger, came almost six years, after it started in Beirut, but nevertheless, it is driving away the black clouds from our Skies, to allow the Rays of the warm Sun to shine on our Nations.

Those Dictators who came down peacefully, the People will spare them, only to bring back the unlawful wealth stolen by them, to where it belongs, People's Treasury. But those who send troops to kill their own people in the streets without Mercy, should be treated without MERCY, and taken to be trialed by an International Criminal Courts, to be taken where they belong.

There is no Illusion that, the Dictators will give up as easy as that. They think that, they are the owners of the Country and because of their Hound Dogs ramming the streets, spying and blackmailing the Citizens, to keep their Dictator's god in power, they will keep in killing and torturing people to the last minute in POWER.

The few Dictators that, have been still in power, waiting to see how the World would react to the Bloodshed, in the streets of Libya, and they would plan how to face the demonstrators in their countries, when it begins. So, the World's reaction should be harsh and painful to give the lesson, to those are waiting, that, the Ending is as bad as them.

In Lebanon, if those are trying to take the Power of the Authorities and take Lebanon, to where it does not belong, they shall face the MUSIC again in Liberty Square in Beirut, and they will end up as their self style Regimes, in the History's Garbage Bins.

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