Saturday, 5 March 2011

Progressive Social Party to Unkown Destination.

 The Laughing Dictator
The ONE who laughs last, laughs BEST
 Junblatt Leader of PSP and DRUZE
 Junblatt in Press Conference against STL
 Junblatt and the Syrian's Regime main Man Berri
 Revolt in Egypt
 Junblatt in PSP General Meeting
Arab World kicking off Dictators

We understand that, Junblatt has changed positions in the Lebanese politics, to avoid serious troubles in the streets of Beirut and Mountains, his supporter's Areas, and named Mr Mikati as a Mediate solution to the CRISIS. Junblatt, was claiming for five years, that without Justice and STL, would not be peace in Lebanon. Then lately, when swapped positions, saying STL is hampered by politics, and meant to accuse the Resistance of Hezbollah, and Syria of the Assassination of Harriri, and Junblatt himself, accused the Regime of Syria of murdering Kamal Junblatt, and thousands of civilians killed by that time, that means, the Regime had done it again in Harriri's case, and meant to be a civil war that see Lebanese People kill each other to keep that regime's grip holding the Country. Junblatt, Forgived the Syrian Regime and Forgot, amid astonishment of the Party's supporter's base, and made every one in the PS Party to FORGIVE, which was wrong, because when Mr Kamal Junblatt was murdered by the Syrian Regime, they meant killing the  Revolution of Future of the Youngs in Lebanon, which now W Junblatt strongly support it, and pledge that, the revolts and changes happen in all the Arab Countries, that ruled by the Dictators, should continue. But Junblatt avoids to call in changes( He apologised to Syrian People before), in Syria which is ruled by the Worst Dictator of the World, why because he is worried of troubles to sweep Lebanon.

Then, it is clear now that, troubles would be caused either by Resistance of Huzbollah, or by the Regime in Syria or by both, and we see Junblatt strongly defending them. Now we do not understand any more where he is going and taking with him, the PS Party, which is similar to the other old rotten parties, by holding the power for over many decades without even changing its rotten PERSONALS, and taking his TRIBE, the Druze to unknown destinations, by linking them to Hozbullah and Syrian Regime.

We want to know if Junblatt really support the changes that happened, and will happen sooner or later to the Regime in Syria, or just whence it is away from Lebanon, Syria an Hezbollah.

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