Thursday, 3 February 2011

Egypt the Mother of Arab World

Click the above to see the face of Regime

The Up rises that started in Tunisia, and other Arab Countries against Tyranny, undermined of Human Rights,
Free Society and Democracy, look to be continuing until every Arab Nation achieves its GOALS.

The peaceful demonstrations in Cairo for over a week, was disrupted, yesterday by the Gangsters of the Regime to turn it to BLOODSHED scenes, those gangs used all sort of methods, even horses and camels, to overrun the demonstrators, but in vain.

Mr Mubarak who, was riding the Authorities for three decades, and he never intended to make any reforms for the Political System in Egypt, insists he will stay to the end of his term, to do the transition  of Authorities to another elected person in September 2011. If the three decades that, were not enough for transition, will he do that in nine months, it is a silly excuse to hide behind, and stay to the end of his term.

Mr Mubarak should leave immediately, that he has a deputy to take over and make the necessary procedures for transition, and that in a respectful way, better than forced and humiliated.

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