Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Hippocrates in Iran.


Believers in Tahrir Square

Couple of years ago, unrest broke in Iran, by hundreds of thousands of people, came to streets in Tehran, demanding constitutional reforms, and dismiss the general elections results, because of rigging to keep Ahmedinijad re-elected.

That time the leaders of Iran who are against that revolt, like Larjani and Mutakie, ordered the Regime Gangsters to attack the demonstrators, and hundreds of them killed and others arrested, just because they want  reforms to the Dictator's Regime,  USA and UK were branded the power behind the unrest, and demonstrators accused as agents to CIA and MI6, and the Regime crushed the revolt.

Today one of the Iranian Regime Officials, comes up, accusing the USA and UK, again, of putting serious obstacles against the demonstrators in Tunisia and Egypt, that make it difficult changing the Regimes in these two Countries.

It is the most Hippocratic way that, the Regime in Iran playing on the feelings of Islamic and Arab world, by winding them up against USA and UK.

We ask the Hippocrates in Iran, why the revolt in Tunisia and Egypt, is for the interest of the people, and it is not in Iran. Demonstrators in both Countries, are demanding the Constitutional reforms in a Dictator's Regime, and Iran is similar, but, worse. Why they have to torture, kill and arrest thousand of the demonstrators, and quashed the revolt in Iran, but those leaders in Iran support it in Egypt and Tunisia.

This Regime is causing hustle in all the surrounding areas in the Region of Mideast, and Lebanon is a solid PROOF

 Clip below shows, similar ways of crushing Demostrators, in Egypt and Tehran.

 The Regime's Gangsters attacking Peaceful Protestors


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