Friday, 18 March 2011

Security Council Resolution.

Seif El Islam (Kills Muslims in Libya)
Mr Berri, Loyal to Syrian Regime

Two Dictators in same BOAT

This Resolution, came to light at last, and it was a bit late, because if it was earlier it could save hundreds of Libyan Civilians lives. Because Russia and China, played the game slowly, may be to give the Regime in Libya, to finish the JOB, and crush the Revolt of Bengazi and Misrata. We sure now, that the Regime will be collapsing faster.
This Resolution is a strong warning, to the Regime in Syria, if it tried to use force in dispersing the demonstrators in Syria which started few days ago, and still going on today. The Syrian Regime is an Essential Crane to help its TWIN in Libya. But this Regime is in a conflict with the use of force against the revolt in Bahrain, which, it supports the revolt there, and crush them in Libya. But the good thing to this Regime is that, the MONEY coming along smoothly.

Lebanon in the United Nation, is a leading warrior to bring a Resolution of NO FLY Zone over Libya to light, and succeeded, sure with the support of USA, UK, and France. Mr Berri is the most enthusiastic Person who was behind the Lebanese Representative in UN, to get the JOB done.

Sure Lebanon, tried its best, for the reason that, Gaddafi abducted an Essential Personnel in Shiaa that time Ayatollah Musa El Sadr, and no one knows if he is still alive in Libya. Mr Berri is behind this case, to find the Truth of Mr El Sadr, which it took place three decades ago, while the Syrian troops were occupying Lebanon. Mr Berri is a very Faithful alliance to the Syrian regime, though the Syrians never tried to find out,  ElSadr whereabouts, actually the Regime of Syria, never tried to find the Truth of Assassinations, of Junblatt or Harriri, or any one was killed during its occupation to Lebanon. Meanwhile there is some kind of resentment in Syria, why Lebanon is leading for the Resolution. But certainly Berri and Hezbollah are in the same side with Syria, toward the Revolt in Bahrain, because Iran is supporting this Revolt.

 The Civilised Demonstrations that started in Lebanon

We should support any revolt, that leads to the better off the People of any country in the world not only Arabs. Why they should be worried about the Shiaa Revolt in any Arab country, that has the Goals of Freedom and Democracy. Shiaa Citizens in Bahrain or Lebanon or Syria or Yemen, are  most of them are Loyal to their Countries, only little part of them Loyal to Iran, that trying to take advantage, in fingering the National Security of  some Arab Country, Especially in Lebanon. There should not be any differences among Arab Citizens in any Arab Country, does not matter to what beliefs they are attached. There should be serious and real reforms to the constitutions of all of them, to secure Freedom and Democracy to their People.

The Leaders of TWO collapsed Regimes

Rebels in Brega, Libya

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