Sunday, 27 March 2011

Green Light at Lightening Speed

 Protester kicks and tear down Assad The Father in Hums

 The Revolt started here in Deraa

 Government building after Demonstrations in Deraa

 Victory Signs in Deraa

Demonstrations in Deraa

We read what the Lebanese politicians say, that NO GREEN light came from Syrian Regime, to form the Cabinet in Lebanon. On the contrary, the Green Light came, since the two convoys of Hezbollah and Amal parties visited Damascus, few days ago, and Assad gave the Green Light at the SPEED of lightening to carry on, and form the said Cabinet. Assad knows very well what is waiting for his Regime, and that since he witnessed the changes, started in Tunisia, and still going in Libya. Assad may be, he chose the Libyan way to face the changes, and crushes anything at all, getting closer to the Regime, and he is not the one to give up to the demands of the People of Syria, this is a TRADITION in the FAMILY

Being a Cabinet in Lebanon dominated by Hezbollah, Assad thinks will give him a solid support, against the Revolt, at least slow it down to have time to find a way out for the Regime.

Hezbollah, has an Essential Interest, in having Government in Lebanon under its Authority, to stand by the Syrian Regime, to protects its ARSENAL of Guns and logistics that moving that Arsenal to Lebanon, before the New Syrian Authorities put their hands on the arms that stored in Syria.

It is very important for Hezbollah, to keep the Regime in Syria standing, because if, it happened and collapsed, it turns like a Cancer Infection in Hezbollah Lungs, and it is matter of time, when God takes back his PARTY to Hell.

It is Junblatt Role now to convince, his upper hand, Hezbollah, to put its arms and guns under the Legitimate Government of Lebanon, and behave as a political party, and this deal, should come to light as fast as the GREEN LIGHT, of Assad to Hezbollah.


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