Monday, 21 March 2011

Regime on its way out

Couple of days ago, the Regime of Libya was using all its kind of force to crush, the Revolt of the Libyan people, who were called by Qaddafi as the dogs and mean people, because they want him to do, the reforms required, at the beginning of the demonstrations. Later, he used fighter air crafts and tanks to wipe them out.

These helpless people, have the backing of International Super power, and since then, the Regimes tanks, were blown up. and its jet fighters disappeared.

From the above, we understand, that dictators, use all means to suppress their people, and when it comes to defend their country, they hide like foxes, the only description to such rulers is SICK PERSONS.

Below, some video  clips, of latest situation over Libya:

Fighter Jets of Coalition taking of from Europe

Jets base in Italy

Obama News Statement

Benghazi Citizens celebrating, the defeat of Qaddafi Forces

TV reporter exploring the remains of tanks and armours of Qaddafi

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