Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Sixth Year and could be the LAST

Six Years passed, and the International Investigation Committee, recovering new evidents and documents, to  have the criminals who caused all or some of the assassinations of Politicians, Journalists, Prime Ministers, Presidents, and thousands of Lebanese Civilians, and pin them down, to be brought to JUSTICE, and punished. Would not be few days or couple of weeks, that, the Indictments comes to light, and the contents are the first wave of names that, involved in those murders.

This will coincides, with the Sixth Anniversary of of the biggest explosion that killed Mr R Harriri and twenty two persons escorted the PM at that time, every year at this time, this event takes place at the Freedom Square of Beirut,  the first gathering, took place to Celebrate the kicking off, the  Syrian Regime's Troops from Lebanon 2005.

This coming Sunday the 13th of March, we expect more than ever Millions of the Free and Democratic Lebanese People to attend the EVENT, which means the end of Tyranny ruled people with guns and Terrorism. End of Fear that, dominated the Country, for the last thirty five years, under the rule of the Secret Agents Gangs, who are the guards of the Dictator's Regime in Damascus, and its Loyal Militia Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Lebanon and its people have suffered enough, of those holding its wind pipe, to keep it a Dummy in their hands and execute all the Interests of Syria and Iran by the hands of Hezbollah.

The Modern Lebanese Leaders and politician, tried along many years to, make Hezbollah get involved in the Lebanese Political System, but Hezbollah defied, all those efforts and chose to work with Iranian and Syrian Agenda. Hezbollah can not be a political Party, because it was created to be a Hitting Force, and to be used the time Iran and Syria needed, while Syria and Iran live in peace, they use Lebanon as an open troubled Grounds for their Interests.

We are sure, that this year, would be the Last one, that we come to Freedom Square, to celebrate the kicking off the Syrian Troops from Lebanon, because next year would be the Celebration of Democratic Lebanon, and will be the Flaming Torch of the Middle East.

Below a about the Father of the Martyrs that, was assassinated by the Syrian Regime, the El Muaalim Kamal Junblatt.

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