Sunday, 14 August 2011

Lebanon 1408 What is the Difference

What is the difference….

What is the difference of a small explosive, that has been detonated, while had been prepared to kill someone, and that, had been killed so many before, and those had  been fortunate, and stayed alive.

The Officials in Lebanon, adopted the story of the Incident, even before, the Investigations started, and these Officials, were fastest than the Speed of the Sound, to tell the Lebanese not to worry, they are Safe and Well, and the BOMB, was because of PERSONAL Disputes for money. The Officials, certainly, based the reasons, because of Rumours, by the Citizens, who have their OWN Agenda. But if those, men have succeeded, to plant it to their TARGET’S CAR, or place, and caused DEATH, to people around that place, would the Officials  believe the Rumours of  Money Dispute, or they would call it TERRORISM, and the Lebanese will never ever know who had done it, as  other Incidents caused DEATH by DOZENS, and never had been recovered.

Now the Security Forces Investigators, have  caught it on the Spot, and have physical evidence, will they tell the Lebanese the Truth and the WHOLE TRUTH, what really was the cause of two men’s Death, and who was behind the Incident. Or these Officials work as POPPIES, and turn their FACES to the Wrong Direction, and keep the Lebanese  CIRIZENS in the Dark, as for the last thirty years.

Explosives, are all the SAME Weapons that take, the people’s Lives. Is there any difference between the Bomb of Antillias, that caused the Deaths of those trying to kill someone else, and the Bomb that killed Samir Qasir, of Walid Eido, of George Hawi, or the LUCKY ONES, Murwan Hamade, the Journalist Shidyak, or Elias El Murr. They all Incidents of Terrorism, does not matter the REASONS behind them. Those behind  Terrorism should be EXPOSED, and brought to Justice, and stop playing with the Lebanese NERVES. 

Because Lebanese People are no different from the people in the other Countries around them, that witnessing, the Revolts against their Governments and Regime’s Behaviors. The Lebanese are FED UP of the Terrible Lies, they hear every day, from their Officials, and this would not  GO ON FOREVER, there would be an END.


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