Saturday, 6 August 2011

Syria0708. Regime Shooting at Opposition's GOD

This Month is called RMADAN KAREEM, which suppose to be filled with Charity, and Kindness to the Helpless people anywhere in the World, Specially Muslims, the different Religious people look at such occasions, with Sympathy and Respect to each others, only the Regime's Criminals in Syria, look at this Month differently. The Regime replaced Sympathy, Charity, and Love of your Brotherhood, by Guns, Bullets, and Tank’s Rockets. The Regime which was and still thirst for Bloodshed. The Regime that hates its OWN people, so much, while it should be Forgiveness, and Prayers, to God to help the people of Syria to pull out if their Misery, instead the Regime Shoots at the people’s GOD who sided with them today Friday, and called it the FRIDAY of, GOD WITH US. The Regime insisted that, even if GOD is with these people, it ordered the Shabbiha and Outlaws, to shoot at them, and make it a History Mark, so the people of Syria, will never ever forget, and should be associated with the Regime’s name BAATH the BLOODIEST. The Regime that killed its own people without Mercy.

The International Community, waited more than enough, to Spill the Word, that this Regime, lost its Legality, and Legitimacy, it came months late, since the people of Syria called it as Outlaws Regime, and does not represent them anymore.

Even the Countries, that refused to participate in a Condemned Resolution in the United Nation, like Russia, said, Assad is facing a SAD END.

Lebanese  Diplomats, are the only  Government that, sided with the Criminal Diplomats of Syria, and did not support the Resolution came to light yesterday, condemning the Regime of Cruelty , Brutality, and Crimes against Humanity, included Assad Government's Members as well.

Certainly, and with no doubt, the Lebanese people are not proud of their Diplomats in the United Nation, and by siding with the Criminals, they are Criminals as well, that it helps more killings.

The Lebanese Foreign Secretary, said, they could not vote, against the Security of Syria. This Head of Lebanese Diplomacy, trying to fool us and treat us like Idiots. When he declares, that he is with the Security of Syria, is it with the Security of the people of Syria or with the Security of the Criminals Regime in Syria. This Head of Lebanese Diplomacy should choose, between the Regime’s Criminal crimes, and the Victims that fell down by Hundreds every day on the streets, because they call for their FREEDOM, and Human Rights. Is this Head of the Lebanese Diplomacy DUMP enough, to support a Regime against its own people who are calling its Members Murderers, or is it the FEAR, and COWARDDESS, that, dominates the Lebanese  Government, from taking a COURAGEOUS STAND with the Syria people. What, this Lebanese Government would tell the FREE SYRIAN,  when this Regime is collapsed, or is it going down with it, because both in the same BOAT.
Lebanese people should, ask the Human Right Organisation, to chase the Lebanese Diplomats in the United Nation, and hold them accountable for the Crimes taking place in Syria, because who protects a Criminal is a Criminal itself.

In a Blessing Month of Ramadan, the Bare Chest Protesters, who do not fear guns and tanks, they have their GOD today Friday, to DFEAT the OUTLAW REGIME. The Head of this Regime is ABOUT and OUT.

Blessing all the READERS

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