Sunday, 15 June 2014

Shia War on Syrian People....15/06/2014....

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The Concept, we ask you to put on your Mind, Shia War on Syrian people should be understood as the Military of Shia, causing this War, under the Concept of Civil War, while it is Military of the Regime, combined of Shia Militias of Lebanon and Iraq and Afghanistan, and Alawite, against the Syrian People, who are Muslim Sunni as the Vast Majority of the Syrian Population.

The Militias of Lebanese Shia, hurried to Damascus, to protect the Holly Places of Shia Muslims, by sending thousands of well trained fighters, in Iran, for this Mission. The Concealed Agenda of that Move, was to lay a Foot in Syria. Knowingly, there was No Danger whatsoever on those Shia Holly Places, by any means, that would be attacked by Sunni Muslims, the Spinal Cord of the Syrian Revolution. Those Militias had a future Agenda planned, to move from one Fighting Front to another within the Syrian Lands. This Agenda basically, to save the Syrian Regime from  collapsing, that what concerned Iran the Shia Islamic State. Collapsing of Syrian Regime, would cause the cut off channels, where the Military Weapons and training fighters of Hezbollah in Lebanon, should take that Passage, which is the Right Arm Hitting Squad of Iran in the Middle East. Syria is an Essential Matter to keep it Loyal to Iran.

Iran is the Main Country that, produced Terrorism. Exported Terrorism, to North Africa, Yemen, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Europe, Syria and Lebanon. Hezbollah who has thousands of Fighters in Syria, are Solely Shia, those call themselves Hezbollah in Iraq, are Solely Shia, those come from Afghanistan recruited by Iran, are Solely Shia. Those running the War in Syria are Shia and Alawite, who are religiously, Muslims very close to Shia. Assad has his plans, to create an Alawite State on the Mediterranean, connected to Hezbollah state in south and North Lebanon. We could understand from announcement of Iran’s Terrorists Leader, that Iran Borders are South of Lebanon near Israel, and West Turtus on the Mediterranean, Alawite State

Those calling the Syrian Revolution, a Civil War are wrong. The Fighting Factions, Regime troops of all Religious Factions, Alawite, we mean Military Personnel, as there are lot of Alawite Civilians against the Regime. Plus Hezbollah Militia, as the Minority of Shia in Lebanon are against the Interference of Hezbollah in the Syrian War. The Minority Shia in Iraq is against the Interference of Iraqi Hezbollah in the Syrian War. But those against the Intervention of Shia Military against the Sunni and other Minority Religious Factions in Syria, had No Loud Voice, and Zero influence, to affect the Running Agenda of Iran in the Middle East, which has the project of Dominance of its Military Powers in the Area. The only Factions that fall in Civil War, is the Fight of Daesh, and Jabhet Nusrah. Daesh a Previous part of Al-Qaeda terrorist Organization, and split, which caused the Fight with Jabhet Nusrah, which is Branch of Al-Qaeda, but majority of its members are Syrian Nationality, and they are fighting to free the Country from the Criminal Regime. Daesh is a Foreign Members Organization, of different world Nationalities and considered as Mercenaries.  Most of Daesh Leaders were held in Assad’s Prisons, he used them in Lebanon to cause troubles, when Assad Troops were kicked out of Lebanon. Assad released those Terrorists to join the Syrian Revolution, and later on to make U Turn and fight the Revolutionaries, in Favor of Assad, to Miscarriage the Revolution.

As Daesh took advantage and occupied the Areas, that had been evacuated by the Syrian Regime's Troops, in Raqqa, Deir Azzor, and created so called the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, and they have a Base that could carry on their attacks on other Revolution Fighters in those Areas in Syria.

Nour Al Malky, is a Shia Politician, came to Power in Iraq by a plan put by the Americans and Iran, so the Americans could leave Iraq. But it looks, that Malky was under full Influence of Iran, the same way they played that Role in Syria. They created Shia Hezbollah to be the Military Right Arm for Iran in Iraq.

About a year ago, there was some kind of Social Revolt and Peaceful Demonstrations in the Sunni and Kurd Areas in North and South West of Iraq. Malky the Shia Prime Minister, and under the control of the Iranian Regime, refused to solve those Demonstrators Social Problems, and cracked down on them by Force, as exactly what Assad had done to those started demonstrating in Deraa, in Syria.

There was General Elections in Iraq, which was used, by rigging the results, and to confirm Malky’s winning the Elections. Those Areas were crushed by Malky’s Troops, before, had to speak loud and did not accept the Election Results. Serious Troubles started in Fallujah Town, the Army tried to crush it, which caused lot of support from other Sunni Muslims Areas, and Guns were the title of this Revolt as the Peaceful demonstrations did not work.

Daesh of Syria, had the Opportunity to enter the Revolts of the Muslim Sunni  against the Iraqi Army, and Dashed to the North Cities of Mosul and the Vast Large Area of Ninawa Governance, and down to Baghdad Suburbs. 

The West is worried of those developments in Iraq and the Collapse of the Iraqi Army in many territories in the North and South West. Probably, the Sunni High Racks Army Officers, had run away and left the Sunni Armed Fighters to take those Areas as easy as that, without even the Army had used any of its Weapons.

Daesh would do the same Role it played in Syria, getting involved with the Sunni Revolts in Iraq, and later on, to make a U Turn, against those Revolutionaries to miscarriage the Sunni Revolution, in favor of Malky and other Shia Armed Militias, of Iraqi Hezbollah.

In Iraq is a Real Civil War, and would be for many years to come. Sunni Shia War, and its flames would reach all the Corners in the Middle East.

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