Monday, 26 March 2012


The Arab Leaders knew very well, this Ruling Family's Regime in Syria, long before the revolution broke out, twelve months ago. Though they kept quiet for full year, on the Crimes took place, by this Regime, against its own people, and against anyone who sided by the Syrian Nation, those who are crying and screaming out loudly for Freedom and their OWN Rights, and for better Life Style, while the Gangsters of the Regime were still LOOTING OUT, any kind of the resources of a simple livings of the Syrians.

A Regime that Shuttered the Nation's Dreams over FORTY NASTY YEARS. A Regime that, practised all ways and means, of Criminal Actions the people of Syria. Besides, made Syria the Flagship to EXPORT Violence, Terrorism, Car Bombs, Assassinations, looting a Neighbourly Country's Resources and Economy, we mean Lebanon. While the Regime's Troops and High Ranks Security Officers, were occupying the Country for thirty dirty years to bring the Country's Economy down to the DRAIN.They destroyed any Political Leader of the Country, who rejected their presence or disagreed with the OCCUPIERS. They kept the Country's people divided using their Sectarian  means and ways, to keep them fighting, Physically and Politically, to FORCE their Presence Longer.

Syrian Regime's Officials, BLACKMAILED the Lebanese business people, by threatening their lives, and their families would be harmed, if they do not comply with their UNLIMITED demands, and pay Millions of US Dollars, to go to their ACCOUNTS in the European Banks, as had been revealed lately.

This same family's Regime, had DEMOLISHED the Syrian City Hamah to the Ground, and killed thousands of its CITIZENS. They are now bombarding HUMS another Jammed Populated City, killing Hundreds every day, and the Regime's Troops and Security Criminal Forces denying Humanitarian Supplies to the devastated people, those of shortages of FOOD and Drinking Water. The Troops are bombarding Hospitals, so would not receive the WOUNDED and DEAD, forcing them to seek help in HIDING. Hundreds of the wounded were  shot down at the checking points of the Security Forces, and Secret Agents, MUKHABARAT.

A President that kneels down and PRAYS FIVE times a DAY, and every time he washes his hands and feet to remove the STAINS of Children's and Youth's  BLOOD, and appeals to GOD and PROF ET to forgive him for those CRIMES, and give him the VICTORY and Prosper and POWER to Butcher his Enemies, the People of Syria, who are chanting on the streets for their Freedom, Human Rights, and political Free Opinions, those rights that had been BURIED for Forty Five DARK years, by this Family's REIGN.

Recently I read a suspense Novel, about a political struggle for power in Egypt a thousand years ago. While, the Khalifa was a weak person, there was a skilled young fighter acquainted with the poor people in Cairo, called the Amir (Prince) of the knife, the Lion of Cairo. With the help of the Mercenaries and white slaves of the NILE, a mix of Sherkas (Circassians) and Mamelukes, and Persians, he helped the khalifa, to quash a Conspiracy webbed by the Khalifa's Aides and Rulers of Damascus. As a result of that conflict, Young Khalifa stayed in power by defeating the invaders, and was loved by his people.
The Theme of that Novel, made me compare, between the Lion of Cairo, and the Lion of Damascus. That of Cairo defended his people, and this in Damascus is butchering and crushing his people,s Dreams, Rights and LIVES. Rulers of Damascus, since thousands of years, and ON, were exporting violence and troubles to their Neighbours, Cairo, Baghdad, and Jerusalem (Palestinian Jerusalem), and Damascus Rulers were always thirst for BLOODSHED to their Neighbours and their Homeland.

One year of Bloodshed in Syria, the Security Authorities ordered by the Commanders, to shoot down and kill the Protesters on the streets, now on their HOMES. Now those Commanders, are UPDATING their killing machines, and using TANKS HEAVY MACHINE GUNS, by the Air Forces, and importing new equipments from RUSSIA to crush the people by these advanced Technologies the Russians have.


Shelling of Hums

Continue to Bombard Hums

Amateur Video

Shelling three weeks ago

That was last two days

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