Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Syria 2703, Annan the Humane versus the Beast

United Nation's Envoy Annan, for the third time visiting Damascus, he is trying to put an END, as he thinks, to the Syrian people’s Misery, caused by the Brutal Force of the Tyrant, the LION.

The first two trips, within a month, the Regime played the time, to be able quashing the Revolts, in most of the Syrian Large Cities, as the Russian Government had expected, the JOB would be finished in that period of time. The Regime and the Russians, certainly, were disappointed, about the results. The Free Army is working on a Strategythat Hit Hard and Run, to the areas that, is painful to the Criminal Regime’s Forces, Mukhabarat and Security Forces, in fact they are TERROSIST Forces, and nothing to do, with the Security, and usually was meant, the Security to the people, and those Gangsters will FINISH OFF this President, the same way they do to their people. Those HITS, of the FREE Army, at the same time, should avoid causing harm to the Innocent people.

The Third visit, the DISABLED Regime accepted the Six Points Plan of The Humane, Mr Annan. But the Regime who was defiant to all the pressures, and Sanctions of the WHOLE World (Except Russia, China and North Korea, where their people live EXTREMELY happy with their Governments), will never, stick to the Human Annan’s Plan. The Regime will play the time, as usual, as it did for the Forty Five Miserable years of the Syrian People’s LIVES.

By the end of the day, Mr Anna The Human ENVOY DISAPPOINTED, would go back to the Security Council and say, I tried my best, now the Crisis at your hands, that is back to SQUARE ONE, the KILLING LIST, is the Normal Menu of the Murderers of the Syrian Officials.

If the Security Council at the United Nations, where the Whole World’s Nations are presented, along ONE YEAR of Bloodshed and Slaughter, could not force the Regime to Yield Down, who is the NAÏVE, that would believe, that Mr Annan’s Plan would be put in force within weeks.

There is NO question, that to continue talking to Regime of Criminals, would bring more, Crimes against Humanity, and the Syrian people would pay the HIGH BLOOD Price, because the Super Powers of the World have not come to TERMS with those Crimes.

The Syrian Revolution’s Activists, clearly know, that should not  rely, that much, on the Foreign support, at least Politically, and the People of Syria without EXCEPTION, should support the Free Army, and confine under the Revolution's Umbrella which is the Priority Option, that would put an END, to the Situation in Syria, forced by the Regime.

The Syrian Regime’s President could stay on the Golan Heights Front for over Forty Two years, and had not been hit even by ONE BULLET, from the Enemy, but when the LION President, forced a VISIT to his OWN City of Homs, though it was a grotesque, is to witness the vast destructions of the City by his demolished fire power, for few minutes, was hit by thousands of BULLETS, and FORCED Him to run away, like a HAYENA, though this visit was for publicity, to give a false morality KICK to Strengthen the Regime.

We heard the people chanting . Calling a President by that name, is not APPROPRIATE, because the DOG'S LOVERS would be upset, and those really support the Revolution, and sided with the people of Syria, and shooting a Dog, is a Serious Crime in these Countries. We ask the people of Syria, kindly, to refrain calling the President, that name anymore.

But if you call HIM a RABBIT, would be more APPROPRIATE, because no one would SYMPATHISE by shooting at a RABBIT, or a BEAST like HAYENA (Dabiaa).

GOD BLESSES THE REVOLUTION OF SYRIA, and we SALUTE the people of the Revolution, DAY and NIGHT.


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