Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Same View

Every Arab Country has its own unique ruling System, and suppresses its people in different way, though we can see that, Arab people have common views to their country's Leaders.

From one country to the other, mass people in the streets calling on their Leader to resign or to depart and have temporary refuge somewhere in the World, until the New Governments start to call them back to face trials, like recently in Tunisia.

Those Arab Leaders who were riding on people's backs for decades, should pay back the price of what their hands and instruments of secret agents, the damage they done to education, health and progress of their country. Most of the Arab Countries are rich and beyond, and the Arab people are the poorest of the world, and by the UPRISING in these countries, may be the People will take back what they deserve and belongs to them.

It is clear, that, the Uprising peoples are in queue, six countries so far are on the boiling points, and that is out of fourteen, and the rest FEW in the QUEUE.This should have happened years ago, but it happened late, and not too late.

The Arab Peoples were drugged by the speeches and winding up the troubles to the Free Word writers and Journalists, and always bringing up the Palestinian Issue, and preparing to fight the Enemy, and what they have done, NOTHING, but TALKING, they get richer, and the people get poorer. When there is A WILL THERE IS A WAY, and STICH IN TIME SAVES NINE. When people decide to get what they want, they will get it despite those Leaders CRUELITY.

Play the clip below for latest on Egypt's protestors

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