Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Mission Impossible

Now that, Hozbollah had the imported Majority, by threats of sweeping on the Authority if, Harriri does not give up to their demands. Mr Mikati is a respectful Personality, and the Man for CRISIS as it happened and was successful before in the General Election, when he acted as Prime Minister for Ninety days. It would be perfect, if it was not introduced in a way, that Hozbollah forced it on the Sunni Faction.

Mr Mikaty, said, that Hozbullah asked him, to protect the Resistance, and nothing else. If we accept that, is he going to protect, the Resistance from the STL, which would name Hozbollah Members of Harriri Assassination. But Hobullah, practically is the Resistance as every one knows, and as Hozbollah declares. Is it by ignoring the STL, and cuts all the links to it by the Government, or will transport the issue to the National Dialogue Gathering, by the President.

What are the issues, that Harriri could not, accept to respond to Huzbollah and Mr Mikaty would do.

Harriri, was, saying that his Government, would not accept to accuse Hozbollah of the killing, and would protect the Resistance, but they were not convinced and made their move concealed by fake democratic way to bring down Harriri's Government. He also, done his best, to have the Syrian Lebanese ties to life, with his dramatic visits to Damascus, and Assad, mentioned many times that, Harriri is the right Prime Minister for this period of time. Then things changed and every thing came to upside down.

If, Mr Mikati would not cut off the ties with the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, as Hozbollah demands, the issue in the National Dialogue will not reach anywhere, because all the Parties in that Dailogue, and every Party sticks to its beliefs, and that's why, the Saoudi Syrian Initiatives failed.

The only thing possible, is that forming a Cabinet from 8 March Forces, to pass Hozbollah's terms and conditions, and 14 March Forces to be the Opposition to stop that Government to do so, and if they fail, all 14 March Forces Member of Parliament should go home, and block the Notion of Confidence to the proposed Government, and Mr Mikati is not the Mediator Prime Minister among the Parties in this Conflict. Might be he is the right one for Early General Election like before, and was successful.

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