Friday, 28 January 2011

One Target Cabinet

No doubt that, the way Mr Harriri communicated with by then, so called Opposition, was soft and put himself and 14 Mach Forces in a narrow path, when he committed to United Cabinet after Doha Meeting. He was genuine in his commitment, the respond by those Opposition was, long far from wanting just United Cabinet to use for their pre-planned to take over the Authority in Lebanon.

It is a good start that, those who support Independence, Sovereignty and Dignity, not to join this trapped Cabinet. Sure this coming Government is the one, to disconnect with The STL, and keep Huzbollah and outlaws guns untouched, and probably brings a hell of complications with the World Community.

Mr Makti will never be a Prime Minister to all Lebanese, may be only 40%, and the 10%, they joined recently under pressure and threat will change their mind and back to basis, when this threat and pressure put off. Mr Mikati is only there, to obey and not to dictate. Because they could not dictate on Harriri, they brought Mikati the weak side of the 14 Mach Forces and Sunni, if we talk about System in Lebanon.

May be the World will wait to see the content of the New Cabinet declaration, to respond to it, but this is a silly idea, because how many times Huzbollah and 8 March Forces committed to agreements and denied them at the first opportunity, when they could not get to their targets.

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